About Us

RAIN (River Alert Information Network) is about safeguarding your drinking water; and is a regional Source Water Protection Program.

To better ensure the protection of public health and quality drinking water across the Southwestern PA and Northern West Virginia region, RAIN continuously monitors water quality on-line, in near real time. The river water quality data we collect is available and accessible to the public via our website.

  • Over 25 million people, almost 10% of the US population, live in the Ohio River Basin.
  • An estimated 2 million residents, living within the Ohio River Basin in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia.
  • People rely heavily on the Allegheny, Monongahela, Youghiogheny, Shenango, Beaver, and Ohio rivers as their source of drinking water.
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These 6 rivers also provide the means for the region’s industrial and manufacturing strength, as well as the nation’s largest inland port, and so much more. All of us dip into the flow of these waters to power our electric lives; cool, wash and rinse our industries and cities, feed our fields and livestock, and flush our domestic homes and commercial buildings.We all lean upon our waters heavily; and we compete for it aggressively via the demands of agriculture, industry, municipal users, and ourselves… those of us who brewed a pot of coffee this morning, showered recently, or had a drink to quench a thirst.

How was RAIN initiated?

Recognizing the importance of protecting the tributaries of the Ohio River, RAIN was established through a voluntary collaboration of 33 water systems, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and California University of Pennsylvania.

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How will the project keep our drinking water safe?

Contaminants in the rivers are identified at monitoring stations in real-time. Decision makers will be notified automatically about the presence of contaminants and will be able to ensure faster implementation of actions to protect the public from contaminated drinking water.