How you can help

3 Things you can do to help today!

→ If you are a Drinking Water Utility, volunteer your time and expertise:

  • Join one of the RAIN Sub-Committees (Technical, Financial, or Education)
  • Participate on the RAIN Source Water Environmental Education Team (SWEET)
  • Assist with the RAIN Equipment Monitoring Team (EMT)
  • Develop and Implement a Source Water Protection Plan for your system’s source
  • Promote RAIN and source water protection to your local community and Municipal Officials
  • Support an increase in your authority’s RAIN Membership Fee


→ If you are an Industrial Water User, consider these options:

     Option 1 - Become a RAIN Industrial Partner:

  • Annual Membership Fee provides access to RAIN’s automated Alert & Alarm System
  • Opportunity to become a RAIN monitoring site
  • Promote your industry’s proactive environmental stewardship on RAIN’s website

     Option 2 - Become a RAIN Corporate Sponsor:

  • Help RAIN develop cooperative communications on water quality matters
  • Be recognized throughout the region for your industry’s support of RAIN


→ If you as a Homeowner or community member, support what we do:

  • Invite RAIN to speak at your local community event
  • Contact your local water supplier and insist they fully support RAIN
  • Attend and participate at a RAIN event
  • Volunteer your time and assist with a RAIN/Penn’s Corner project
  • Donate to the RAIN and support its public outreach

To contact RAIN for futher information ► Click here.