Partnerships & Alliances

What makes RAIN effective? We closely collaborate with our public and private partners.

Over the past 5 years, our public and private partnerships have helped move RAIN forward, with a clear voice and long-term vision. Our collaboration has included exploratory discussions, development planning, new conversations, public outreach, project implementation, and so much more.  Cumulatively, our work together has best established RAIN's fundamental purpose and organizational/operational framework for the future.

Many thanks to the great organizations and companies listed below!

Penn’s Corner Conservancy Charitable Trust, Inc.,
is a nonprofit conservation organization coordinating financial and technical resources to identify source water and watershed management problems, establish goals and objectives, build strategies, and implement plans. Penn’s Corner serves as RAIN’s fiduciary agent as well as collaborative partner in recognizing and addressing specific water quality impairment issues within the RAIN Basin.

PA Department of Environmental Protection – Safe Drinking Water Program, is charged with managing the federally delegated drinking water program and implements both the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act and associated regulations. To carry out this mission, the Safe Drinking Water Program: Protects all Pennsylvania residents and visitors from microbiological, chemical and radiological contaminants in drinking water served at nearly 9,200 public water systems; conducts surveillance, compliance, enforcement and permitting activities at public water systems to ensure compliance with safe drinking water standards; protects Pennsylvania's drinking water sources through proper planning and management of water resources and their uses; responds to water supply emergencies, such as floods, droughts, chemical spills or waterborne disease outbreaks; and maintains a web-based reporting application to allow accredited laboratories and public water suppliers to report drinking water sample results electronically.

WV Department of Health and Human Resources, In West Virginia, the Office of Environmental Services manages the Source Water Assessment and Protection Program, which encompasses both the wellhead protection and surface water source water assessment efforts.  Implementation of the wellhead protection program began in the early 1990’s, as part of West Virginia ground water protection strategy.  This protection strategy was extended to surface water sources with the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments.  The Act requires states to develop and implement a Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) program designed to evaluate the vulnerability of public drinking water systems to possible sources of contamination, and encourages states to work with these systems in developing protection and management plans.

US Environmental Protection Agency – Source Water Protection, is directly involved with water pollution prevention and control measures, which are critical to improving water quality and reducing the need for costly wastewater and drinking water treatment. Because water pollution can come from many different sources, a variety of pollution prevention and control measures are needed. The drinking water we receive from our local drinking water utilities or individual wells comes from ground water, streams, rivers, springs or lakes in a watershed. Although most water requires some treatment before use, protecting this source water is an important part of providing safe drinking water to the public. Protecting drinking water sources usually requires the combined efforts of many partners such as public water systems, communities, resource managers and the public.

HACH Company, makes water analysis simpler. Since our founding we have been committed to providing high-quality products that are simple to use and accurate. These are the values that Clifford and Kathryn "Kitty" Hach founded the company on in 1947, and we couldn't be more proud. For more than 60 years, we've been at the crest of the industry - finding solutions that help you best manage your water. Our analytical instruments and reagents are used to test the quality of water in a variety of industries and markets - from around the corner, to around the globe. Water analysis has to be right. You deserve complete solutions you can be fully confident in. Hach is your resource for expert answers, outstanding support, and reliable, easy-to-use products.

Digital Assets Systems Architecture, LLC (DASA), is an innovative IT firm with experienced and qualified teams using proven technology and process to architect and deliver data solutions. SEE-WATER is a proven monitoring solution that: enables password-based user access; organizes incoming data from remote sensors, identifies user-defined Alerts & Alarms; notifies recipients via SMS text and email; maps data and Alert & Alarm conditions on a map; and exports data to MS Excel for further analysis.

Steelcoast Creative, LLC 
Steelcoast Creative is a full-service branding agency, fueled by 10+ years of extensive experience establishing corporate brands and communications for a diverse group of companies in a variety of business sectors. We bring new brands to life; and stir new life into existing ones. We focus on close collaboration and creating great brands, working with your company's management, culture, and creative teams to make your brand identity and communications remarkable. We know what it takes to work with a wide range of organizations, from companies large or small to government agencies and nonprofits - and we know how to get you where you want to go.