An educated and informed public is any community’s best means of ensuring a healthy water supply. 

When citizens and municipal officials work together to restore and protect the health of the watershed, the results are monetary savings, and increased assurance of human and animal welfare. Ideally, education efforts foster an appreciation for—and an awareness of—local water resources, inspiring stewardship and meaningful changes in daily actions.

Safe Drinking Water Starts at the Source

The best way to safeguard our drinking water is to prevent it from getting contaminated in the first place by protecting it at its source. In Pennsylvania, we’re seemingly blessed with an abundance of water, and we tend to take the quality of our drinking water for granted. Until something goes wrong.


RAIN’s Proposed Education Activities for 2016 - 2017 include, but not limited to:

  • Scholastic Drinking Water Awards
  • Riparian Planting With Civic groups and schools
  • Protecting Public Drinking Water Workshops
  • Microbrewery outreach and collaboration
  • Trail/Road cleanup
  • Stormwater Solutions for Large Landowners
  • Environmental Advisory Councils
  • Raingardens and Rain Barrel Workshops