Our Approach

Public drinking water supplies in the United States are among the safest in the world, even as drinking water sources are subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing agents.

RAIN members—drinking water facilities utilizing our major rivers as their source water—diligently treat the source water using various methods of water treatment in order to provide safe drinking water for their communities.

In a voluntary effort to be more proactive in their efforts, RAIN members have developed an early warning spill detection system to detect and alert communities to sudden changes in river water quality. This warning system provides RAIN members with valuable knowledge, AND the time to make necessary decisions regarding water treatment and/or other system operations in order to ensure their communities continue to receive safe drinking water.

RAIN also collaborates with its public and private partners to develop more comprehensive initiatives for source water protection. RAIN’s partner and fiduciary agent, Penn’s Corner Conservancy Charitable Trust, is a nonprofit conservation organization that has a 35 year legacy of coordinating the financial and technical resources to identify source water and watershed management problems, establish goals and objectives, build strategies, and implement plans.

Other RAIN collaborative partners include:

  • Steelcoast Creative, LLC, which assists RAIN with exceptional visual, interactive, and public communications solutions;
  • Carnegie Mellon University, including Platypus LLC and SenSevere LLC
  • California University of PA Department of Earth Sciences, providing expertise in Geographic Information Systems, Emergency Management and Disaster Vulnerability Assessment;
  • HACH developing innovative water quality monitoring equipment and analysis solutions;
  • DASA, LLC creators of environmental monitoring software architecture and information solutions.

Of course, RAIN maintains a cooperative relationship with the region’s environmental regulatory and emergency management agencies.

What Makes RAIN effective? Learn more about our close collaboration with our public and private partners.