Early Warning System

RAIN administers an early warning/spill detection network for our drinking water treatment plants

Early Warning Systems (EWS) protect water supplies at the source. As we cross our rivers, sometimes many times in a day, how often do we consider the potential hazards placed on those rivers? The members of RAIN are very familiar with these potential hazards as it is their job to safeguard the drinking water for the thousands/millions of people they serve; and RAIN provides needed alerts and notifications to our drinking water treatment plants.

Drinking water is the biggest reason for the Early Warning System used by the RAIN members. How can it help you?

Safeguarding Your Drinking Water

The RAIN basin provides the source water for nearly 2 million people’s drinking water. These vast rivers also provide the means for the region’s industrial and manufacturing strength, as well creating the nation’s largest inland port. At times, all this commercial activity taking place on or near our rivers poses a threat to the quality of these rivers.

RAIN provides water quality data at various points throughout the RAIN basin.  Using various HACH monitoring sensors RAIN gathers data in near real-time at these locations.

How can this data help? 

  • Alerts and notifications are provided to affected drinking water treatment plants whenever a parameter is out of range.
  • The data can be used to acquire background levels at certain spots in the river
  • People recreating on or around our rivers should be curious about the water quality in their area.
  • We are all understandably curious about the quality of the source water from whence our drinking water comes… Find Your Source.

To learn about RAIN’s river water quality monitoring sites, ►Click Here to view RAIN's new Interactive Map.